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Intro to Testnet

The Dash testing network


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Testnet is the Dash testing network used for experimentation and evaluation of Dash Core and Dash Platform features. As a testing network, Testnet may be subject to occasional updates and changes that break backwards compatibility.

Network Details


Dash Core Group provides the core Testnet infrastructure consisting of 150 masternodes running Dash Core along with the platform services that provide the decentralized API (DAPI) and storage (Drive) functionality.

Testnet also includes a block explorer for the core blockchain and a test Dash faucet that dispenses funds to users/developers experimenting on the network.


The Dash Platform features available on testnet include:

  • Dash Platform Name Service (DPNS): a data contract and supporting logic for name registration
  • Identities: creation of identities
  • Names: creation of DPNS names that link to an identity
  • Data Contracts: creation of data contracts
  • Documents: used to store/update/delete data associated with data contracts
  • DashPay: a data contract enableing a decentralized application that creates bidirectional direct settlement payment channels between identities and supports contact (name) based payments

Getting involved

This network is open for all who are interested in testing and interacting with Dash Platform. To learn how to connect, please jump to the Connecting to a Network tutorial.