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Decentralized API (DAPI)

A decentralized API for Dash


Historically, nodes in most cryptocurrency networks communicated with each other, and the outside world, according to a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol. The use of P2P protocols presented some downsides for developers, namely, network resources were difficult to access without specialized knowledge or trusted third-party services. To overcome these obstacles, the Dash decentralized API (DAPI) uses Dash's robust masternode infrastructure to provide an API for accessing the network. DAPI supports both layer 1 (Core blockchain) and layer 2 (Dash Platform) functionality so all developers can interact with Dash via a single interface.

DAPI OverviewDAPI Overview

DAPI Overview

Endpoint Overview

DAPI currently provides 2 types of endpoints: JSON-RPC and gRPC. The JSON-RPC endpoints expose some layer 1 information while the gRPC endpoints support layer 2 as well as streaming of events related to blocks and transactions/transitions. For a list of all endpoints and usage details, please see the DAPI endpoint reference section.

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Decentralized API (DAPI)

A decentralized API for Dash

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