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Usage: client.platform.names.register(name, records, identity)
Description: This method will create a DPNS record matching your identity to the user or appname defined.


nameStringyesAn alphanumeric (1-63 character) value used for human-identification (can contain - but not as the first or last character). If a name with no parent domain is entered, '.dash' is used.
recordsObjectyesrecords object having only one of the following items
records.dashUniqueIdentityIdStringnoUnique Identity ID for this name record
records.dashAliasIdentityIdStringnoUsed to signify that this name is the alias for another id
identityIdentityyesA valid registered identity

Example: await client.platform.names.register('alice', { dashUniqueIdentityId: identity.getId() }, identity)

Returns: the created domain document