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Receive money and check balance


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Receive money and display balance

Initialize the SDK Client with your generated mnemonic passed as an option.

const Dash = require("dash");
const mnemonic = ''// your mnemonic here.
const client = new Dash.Client({
  wallet: {

async function showBalance() {
  const account = await client.wallet.getAccount();
  const totalBalance = account.getTotalBalance();
  console.log(`Account's total balance: ${totalBalance} duffs`);

Having your client instance set up, you will be able to access the account and wallet instance generated from your mnemonic.

By default getAccount() returns the first BIP44 account.
You can read more on how to use a different account.

Generate a receiving address

Dash wallet supports two different types of addresses:

  • external addresses used for receiving funds from other addresses
  • internal addresses used for change outputs of outgoing transactions
  • For your privacy, you might want to generate a new address for each payment:
async function generateUnusedAddress() {
  const account = await client.wallet.getAccount();
  const { address } = account.getUnusedAddress();
  console.log(`Unused external address: ${address}`);

This above code will generate a new unique (never used) address.

Displaying your balance

Dash Wallet returns the balance in duffs (1 Dash is equal to 100.000.000 duffs)

getTotalBalance() function takes into account confirmed and unconfirmed transactions (not included in a block).
It is recommended to check the confirmed balance before making a payment:

async function showBalance() {
  const account = await client.wallet.getAccount();
  const totalBalance = account.getTotalBalance();
  const confirmedBalance = account.getConfirmedBalance();
  const unconfirmedBalance = account.getUnconfirmedBalance();
  console.log(`Account balance:
    Confirmed: ${confirmedBalance}
    Unconfirmed: ${unconfirmedBalance}
    Total: ${totalBalance}

Listen for event on received transaction

When a new unconfirmed transaction is received, you can receive an event, and then validate the address or perform an action if needed.

// FETCHED/UNCONFIRMED_TRANSACTION event is currently disabled

async function listenUnconfirmedTransaction() {
  const account = await client.wallet.getAccount();
  account.on('FETCHED/UNCONFIRMED_TRANSACTION', (data) => {

Get address at specific index

In case you want to retrieve an address at specific index:

async function getAddressAtIndex() {
  const account = await client.wallet.getAccount();
  const { address: externalAddress } = account.getAddress(2);
  const { address: internalAddress } = account.getAddress(2, 'internal');