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Quick start


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Quick start

In order to use this library, you will need to add our NPM package to your project.

Having NodeJS installed, just type :

npm install dash


Let's create a Dash SDK client instance specifying both our mnemonic and the schema we wish to work with.

const Dash = require('dash');
const opts = {
  wallet: {
    mnemonic: "arena light cheap control apple buffalo indicate rare motor valid accident isolate",
const client = new Dash.Client(opts);
client.wallet.getAccount().then(async (account) => {
  // Do something

Quick note:
If no mnemonic is provided or mnemonic: null is passed inside the wallet option, a new mnemonic will be generated.

Make a payment

client.wallet.getAccount().then(async (account) => {
  const transaction = account.createTransaction({
    recipient: 'yixnmigzC236WmTXp9SBZ42csyp9By6Hw8',
    amount: 0.12,
  await account.broadcastTransaction(transaction);

Interact with Dash Platform

See the Tutorial section of the Dash Platform documentation for examples.