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Core concepts


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Core concepts

The Dash Core Developer Guide will answer most of questions about the fundamentals of Dash. However, some elements provided by the SDK need to be grasped, so we will quickly cover some of those.


At the core of Dash is the Payment Chain. In order to be able to transact on it, one needs to have a set of UTXOs that are controlled by a Wallet instance.

In order to access your UTXO, you will have to provide a valid mnemonic that will unlock the Wallet and automatically fetch the associated UTXOs.

When an SDK instance is created, you can access your wallet via the client.wallet variable. (Check wallet-lib documentation for more details)


Since the introduction of deterministic wallets (BIP44), a wallet is represented by multiple accounts.

It is the instance you will use most of the time for receiving or broadcasting payments.

You can access your account with client.getWalletAccount(). See how to use a different account if you need to get an account at a specific index.

App Schema and Contracts

The Dash Platform Chain provides developers with the ability to create applications.
Each application requires a set of rules and conditions described as a portable document in the form of a JSON Schema.

When registered, those applications schemas are called contracts and contains a contractId (namespace : client.platform.contracts).

By default, this library supports Dash Platform Name Service (DPNS) (to attach a name to an identity), under the namespace client.platform.names for testnet.

See: how to use multiple apps