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These docs are for v0.23.0. Click to read the latest docs for v0.25-redirect.

Retrieve an Account's Identities

Get the list of Dash Platform Identities associated with an account


In this tutorial we will retrieve the list of identities associated with a specified mnemonic-based account. Since multiple identities may be created using the same mnemonic, it is helpful to have a way to quickly retrieve all these identities (e.g. if importing the mnemonic into a new device).



const Dash = require('dash');

const client = new Dash.Client({
  network: 'testnet',
  wallet: {
    mnemonic: 'a Dash wallet mnemonic with testnet funds goes here',
    unsafeOptions: {
      skipSynchronizationBeforeHeight: 650000, // only sync from early-2022

const retrieveIdentityIds = async () => {
  const account = await client.getWalletAccount();
  return account.identities.getIdentityIds();

  .then((d) => console.log('Mnemonic identities:\n', d))
  .catch((e) => console.error('Something went wrong:\n', e))
  .finally(() => client.disconnect());

Example Response


What's Happening

After we initialize the Client and getting the account, we call account.identities.getIdentityIds() to retrieve a list of all identities created with the wallet mnemonic. The list of identities is output to the console.


Wallet Operations

The JavaScript SDK does not cache wallet information. It re-syncs the entire Core chain for some wallet operations (e.g. client.getWalletAccount()) which can result in wait times of 5+ minutes.

A future release will add caching so that access is much faster after the initial sync. For now, the skipSynchronizationBeforeHeight option can be used to sync the wallet starting at a certain block height.