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These docs are for v0.21.0. Click to read the latest docs for v0.25-redirect.

DAPI Endpoints

Overview of available endpoints

DAPI currently provides 2 types of endpoints: JSON-RPC and gRPC. The JSON-RPC endpoints expose some layer 1 information while the gRPC endpoints support layer 2 as well as streaming of events related to blocks and transactions/transitions.

JSON-RPC Endpoints


gRPC Migration

The remaining JSON-RPC endpoints will be migrated to gRPC in a future release

1getBestBlockHashReturns block hash of the chaintip
1getBlockHashReturns block hash of the requested block
1getMnListDiffReturns masternode list diff for the provided block hashes

gRPC Endpoints

Core gRPC Service

1broadcastTransactionBroadcasts the provided transaction
1getBlockReturns information for the requested block
1getStatusReturns blockchain status information
Updated in Dash Platform v0.19
1getTransactionReturns details for the requested transaction
1subscribeTo TransactionsWithProofsReturns transactions matching the provided bloom filter along with the associated islock message and merkle block

Platform gRPC Service


Response Proofs

Dash Platform 0.20.0 introduced proofs to Platform gRPC endpoints so the data returned for a request can be verified as being valid.

2broadcastStateTransitionBroadcasts the provided State Transition
2getIdentityReturns the requested identity
2getIdentitiesByPublicKeyHashesReturns the identities associated with the provided public key hashes
Added in Dash Platform v0.16
2getIdentityIdsByPublicKeyHashesReturns the identity IDs associated with the provided public key hashes
Added in Dash Platform v0.16
2getDataContractReturns the requested data contract
2getDocumentsReturns the requested document(s)
2waitForStateTransitionResultResponds with the state transition hash and either a proof that the state transition was confirmed in a block or an error


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