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These docs are for v0.17.0. Click to read the latest docs for v0.25-redirect.

Retrieve a Data Contract

Retrieve details for a Dash Platform Data Contract


In this tutorial we will retrieve the data contract created in the Register a Data Contract tutorial.



Retrieving a data contract

const Dash = require('dash');

const client = new Dash.Client();

const retrieveContract = async () => {
  const contractId = '6Ti3c7nvD1gDf4gFi8a3FfZVhVLiRsGLnQ7nCAF74osi';
  return client.platform.contracts.get(contractId);

  .then((d) => console.dir(d.toJSON(), { depth: 5 }))
  .catch((e) => console.error('Something went wrong:\n', e))
  .finally(() => client.disconnect());

Example Data Contract

The following example response shows a retrieved contract:

  "protocolVersion": 0,
  "$id": "6Ti3c7nvD1gDf4gFi8a3FfZVhVLiRsGLnQ7nCAF74osi",
  "$schema": "",
  "ownerId": "BSNxbs99zCFvEtK8qrewYTVxNKt4DnFQ8sPbsb8nrDuf",
  "documents": {
    "note": {
      "properties": {
        "message": {
          "type": "string"
      "additionalProperties": false


Please refer to the data contract reference page for more comprehensive details related to contracts and documents.

What's Happening

After we initialize the Client, we request a contract. The platform.contracts.get method takes a single argument: a contract ID. After the contract is retrieved, it is displayed on the console.