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These docs are for v0.17.0. Click to read the latest docs for v0.25-redirect.

Intro to Evonet

The Dash Platform development and testing network


Dash Platform on Testnet

As of Dash Platform v0.17, platform services are now deployed on the Dash testnet and Evonet has been shutdown. Please refer to this page for testnet information.


Evonet is the initial development network provided for experimentation and evaluation of Dash Platform features. This marks the first release of the core Dash Platform components in a freely accessible network.


Evonet Stability

As a development network, Evonet may be subject to frequent updates and changes that break backwards compatibility.

Network Details


Dash Core Group provides the core Evonet infrastructure consisting of 50 masternodes running Dash Core along with the platform services that provide the decentralized API (DAPI) and storage (Drive) functionality.

Evonet also includes a block explorer for the core blockchain and a test Dash faucet that dispenses funds to users/developers experimenting on the network.


With this initial public release of the core Dash Platform components, the features available on the platform include:

In the near future, the DashPay data contract will also be registered on Evonet.


Evonet Updated

Registration of third-party data contracts is now enabled on Evonet. See this tutorial for details.

Getting involved

This network is open for all who are interested in testing and interacting with Dash Platform. To learn how to connect, please jump to the Connecting to a Network tutorial.