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These docs are for v0.17.0. Click to read the latest docs for v0.25-redirect.

gRPC Overview

Please refer to the [gRPC Overview](🔗) for details regarding running the examples shown below, encoding/decoding the request/response data, and clients available for several languages.

# Endpoint Details

## broadcastTransaction

**Returns**: The transaction id (TXID) if successful **Parameters**:

`transaction`BytesYesA raw transaction
`allow_high_fees`BooleanNoEnables bypassing the high fee check

### Example Request and Response

## getStatus

**Returns**: Status information from the Core chain **Parameters**: None

### Example Request and Response

## getBlock

**Returns**: A raw block **Parameters**:

**One of the following:**

`hash`BytesNoReturn the block matching the block hash provided
`height`IntegerNoReturn the block matching the block height provided

### Example Request and Response

Block Encoding

**Note:** The gRPCurl response block data is Base64 encoded

## getTransaction

**Returns**: A raw transaction **Parameters**:

`id`StringYesA transaction id (TXID)

### Example Request and Response

Transaction Encoding

**Note:** The gRPCurl response transaction data is Base64 encoded

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## subscribeToTransactionsWithProofs

**Returns**: streams the requested transaction information **Parameters**:

`bloom_filter.v_data`BytesYesThe filter itself is simply a bit field of arbitrary byte-aligned size. The maximum size is 36,000 bytes
`bloom_filter.n_hash_funcs`IntegerYesThe number of hash functions to use in this filter. The maximum value allowed in this field is 50
`bloom_filter.n_tweak`IntegerYesA random value to add to the seed value in the hash function used by the bloom filter
`bloom_filter.n_flags`IntegerYesA set of flags that control how matched items are added to the filter

**One of the following:**

`from_block_hash`BytesNoReturn records beginning with the block hash provided
`from_block_height`IntegerNoReturn records beginning with the block height provided

`count`IntegerNoNumber of blocks to sync. If set to 0 syncing is continuously sends new data as well (default: 0)
`send_transaction_hashes` *BooleanNo

** Example Request and Response **

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# Deprecated Endpoints

There are no recently deprecated endpoint, but the previous version of documentation can be [viewed here](🔗).

# Code Reference

Implementation details related to the information on this page can be found in:

  • The [DAPI repository](🔗) `lib/grpcServer/handlers/core` folder

  • The [DAPI-gRPC repository](🔗) `protos` folder